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LMDC Process


Any party to a dispute may initiate Mediation, Arbitration, Early Neutral Evaluation or any other ADR service by writing to the Director of the LMDC or visiting the Centre. To commence an action for Arbitration, a proof of delivery of Notice of Arbitration or a Submission Agreement is required.

Court Referrals

The presiding Judge in a matter already in litigation or in the course of a pre-trial conference may in appropriate circumstances refer parties to the LMDC.

Direct Intervention

The LMDC may in circumstances where the public interest or the interest of the disputing parties so demand, may extend an invitation with a view to assisting in the resolution of their dispute.


  1. Case Initiation:
  2. Case screening/referral:
  3. Pre-session: where the parties are acquainted with the procedure and also commit to the process by signing the relevant confidentiality and other agreements
  4. ADR Session: The commencement of the agreed ADR process
  5. Closure: this is the final stage of the ADR process where there is either a settlement Agreement, an Award or the adoption of other Hybrid Processes.