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Mediation Advocacy Training (MAT)

The Mediation Advocacy Training (MAT) is intended to sensitize Lawyers, other professionals and the public on mediation and its benefits. It also provides a level ground for Lawyers and other ADR referrers to leverage the benefits of mediation, secure their patronage and support for mediation and other ADR mechanisms. This training has promoted a paradigm shift in the mindset of lawyers and other ADR referrers and representatives.

Lagos Multi-Door Courthouse Mediation Skills Training (MST)

The Mediation Skills Training (MST) is an intensive 6-Day ADR training programme of the LMDC geared towards the preparation of professionals from various fields with the aim of acquiring skills in mediation practice. The MST affords successful participants the opportunity to develop and grow a financially viable career in ADR practice, both as an individual or in partnership with other ADR centres. The programme also affords the LMDC the opportunity to identify potential special skills needed in the LMDC Panel of Neutrals. Adequate training of mediators results in effective resolution of disputes which facilitates peace and justice for all.

The LMDC has collaborated with organizations such as the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management (CIPM), Nigerian Institution of Estate Surveyors & Valuers (NIESV), Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC), Citizens Mediation Centre (CMC), various Multi-Door Courthouses (MDCs), ADR Societies in some Institutions of Higher Learning, Collaborations involving Medical Practitioners, among others.

Restorative Justice (RJ) Training:

The LMDC Restorative Justice Training equips the LMDC panel of neutrals and interested persons with the skills and knowledge required to become proficient Restorative Justice Facilitators.

Training of Trainers (ToT):

As a Centre that has provided ADR and mediation trainings over two decades, the LMDC has built competence in tutoring interested persons who desire exceptional training skills and competencies in implementing training programmes. The training curriculum and style depicts international best practices.

Case Management Training

The Case Management training curriculum is designed to acquaint Case Managers, Registrars, Mediators, Arbitrators, Lawyers and other Officers faced with the responsibility of case management with the rudiments of case administration and equip them with the necessary skills required to efficiently administer cases from the case assignment stage to the completion of the case.

Specialized Bespoke Mediation and ADR Trainings:

To foster the growth and development of mediation and ADR practices, the LMDC provides bespoke ADR & mediation related trainings in specialized fields cutting across Banking, Sports & Entertainment, Real Estate, Commercial, Construction, Administration of Estates, Family, Oil and Gas, Maritime, Telecommunications, Insurance, Aviation, Medicals, Energy among others.

Mentorship Programme:

The LMDC Mentorship Programme is aimed at grooming world class mediators with depth of hands-on experience, providing successful participants of the Mediation Skills Training (MST) and other recognized Mediation Skills training programmes with further training, coaching and mentoring to reinforce the skills and abilities acquired during the Training. The mentorship program is structured and involves a more experienced mediator (the Mentor) who provides guidance, support and knowledge to a less experienced mediator (the Mentee).